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We are please to announce we can now add fogging to our list of services

As a BIO Hazard Trained Company our staff have all been trained in the appropriate way to effectively carry out COVID-19 cleaning.

What is Fogging?

Fogging uses an antiviral disinfectant solution which cleans and sanitises large areas of a building quickly and effectively.

It can kill off the virus and other biological agents in the air and on surfaces.

What does it involve?

Fogging involves spraying a fine mist from a spray gun which is then left to evaporate. This allows areas to be ready for use within 30 minutes.

Where can it be used?

It is an effective way to disinfect high level, hard to reach places that are often missed or forgotten about and small confined spaces. Fogging is ideal for deep cleaning of high risk environments such as gyms, offices, children’s nurseries and doctor’s surgeries. Fogging can also be used in domestic settings and in cars.

How frequent should the treatment be carried out?

Untreated Coronavirus is believed to last up to 72 hours on a surface. Our disinfectants will kill viruses and bacteria on contact. Whilst they are persistent and remain effective once dry, unlike others, it is recommended that treatments are carried out weekly with high risk ‘touch points’ wiped with a disinfectant daily.

The general guideline is that the more people who contact surfaces, the more frequently that surface should be cleaned.


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